Wallscreen: London Dandy Parakeets

This wallscreen was inspired by the communities of wild parakeets in London, who now share the urban landscape with local pigeons and starlings. They are dandified with new feathers, echoing the vibrant tribal fashion cultures across London, from punk to rave, a mix up of street styles. The background is digitally printed satin, a nighttime urban cityscape, the plants climbing over abandoned buildings, the embroidered leaves and petals of the clematis overprinted faintly with the shadows and colours of other leaves.

This screen forms part of my current embroidery collection, that features a series of interior screens and wallhangings. Migrating creatures, from escaped parakeets to foxes and hares, are shown within their new urban environments to create a beautiful meditation on ‘wild’ cities and diverse urban cultures in England.

View my new collection at New Designers 2016, London, as part of the One Year On curated area in PART 2, July 6-9th 2016. I will be showing the London Parakeets screen with other pieces from this collection.