A wedding dress of allotment and wild flowers

The embroidery for this dress was created from the bride’s love of wild flowers and her allotment. The flowers, butterflies and creatures were decided by the bride, who sent me pictures of the flowers from her garden and allotment, to create embroidery on silk organza that would be an embellishment uniquely for her. The dress was made by Lisa Keating (http://lkbespokebridal.co.uk/).

“On the day, the sun shone, the trumpet played, the choir sang and the bells rang – and your embroidery was highly admired, without exception, by every single wedding guest.  Everyone commented on how perfect the dress was for Becky, with her love of wild and cottage garden flowers. People couldn’t get over the detail and the beauty of it all.  I really don’t know how to thank you enough for all your artistry, time and sensitivity.  Just know that we are most grateful and that your name has been mentioned many-a-time!” Julie Coffin, mother of the bride.

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