Bespoke: Luxury in Design

Having any item made bespoke immediately denotes an air of exclusivity and luxury. There was a time when the term referred solely to a bespoke suit, which was made to the exact specifications of a client’s body and worn like a second skin.
Bespoke now has a wider meaning and usually refers to a handcrafted, specialized approach to making an object.

With reference to Jacky’s ‘bespoke’ embroidery, the word is doubly relevant as she began her career specializing in bespoke tailoring and so understands that incredible attention to detail is required to create a suit or object that fits the clients specifications perfectly.

The Nigerian Riot Girl, Hand and Lock 2015 Winner


She then translated these skills to the embroidery and creation of beautiful artworks, decorative pieces and statement furniture. These have been regularly shown in exhibitions such as Decorex and London Craft Week and are displayed publicly and in private collections around the globe.

Bespoke-Peacocks and Peonies

By working with a highly skilled team of upholsterers, printers, pattern cutters and digital technologists, Jacky can produce her particular brand of luxury textiles specifically to suit the piece designed for the client, from decorative wallpaper panels to bespoke furnishings.

‘I love that all of my bespoke pieces use handpicked materials, carefully shaped, developed and finished to reflect the vision not only of myself, but also of the client. In this way textiles can tell the story both of the maker and the owner.” JP

Velvet Cushions

Creating bespoke products can be considered a very thoughtful approach to luxury design. As clients desire more one-of-a-kind products and experiences, the care and time that Jacky can invest to create something uniquely special is becoming more and more sought after.

In the Jacky Puzey Studio the focus is upon blurring the traditional lines between design and art. Jacky’s interior pieces are functional as furniture or wall coverings for example but they are also works of contemporary art in their own right.

Squirrel & Peacock Ottoman

It is very important to Jacky that she understands the client’s interior space so that she can ensure that the piece sits perfectly within it.

“If you’re producing something you should be accountable and responsible for that product to the end of its life, no matter where it is in the world, no matter who is using it and no matter how many times its been passed on between different people. If you make something, you have a fundamental responsibility to make it as durable as possible physically and emotionally.”

Raeburn Designs, Graeme Raeburn in conversation with Bella Webb at

Flowers on bespoke wedding dress

There are also many economical and ecological advantages to purchasing bespoke work from the Jacky Puzey Studio.

“Im a huge advocate of buying British furniture because there are a whole host of benefits to doing so.”

Matt Deighton
Managing Director, Sofas by Saxon

Urban Leopards Neon Cities Collection

Such benefits include importing fewer materials from outside the country and thereby reducing your carbon footprint whilst also supporting small, independent businesses in a particularly tough economic climate.

The bespoke service offered by the Jacky Puzey Studio can truly bring any interior to life with beautifully crafted designs that can be personalized according to the taste and requirements of the client.

Urban Leopards Neon Cities Collection

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