Collect Art Fair 2021

Jacky Puzey Studio

Jacky Puzey Studio

I am very happy and honored to be one of the twenty makers selected to show my work as part of Design Nation, at Collect Art Fair 2021. Established by the Crafts Council in 2004, Collect is one of the worlds leading art fairs for contemporary craft and design.

“All of the selected makers demonstrate absolute dedication, amazing creativity and the levels of technical expertise, haptic knowledge and the deep understanding of their chosen materials that visitors to this prestigious event have come to expect.” (Design Nation UK)

The Collect Art Fair very much aims to showcase the work of those designer-makers that are blurring the boundaries between contemporary art and design, which means that the work presented is always highly unique and collectable.

Dandy Parakeets Screen

Dandy Parakeets Screen

Due to Covid restrictions the fair will be hosted exclusively by and will be available to view from 24th February- 2nd March 2021.

Being selected by the Design Nation independent expert panel to be a part of this prestigious event is very exciting as they are committed to supporting and promoting some of the most acclaimed and innovative designer-makers across the UK.

Even though Collect 2021 is being presented in a different way this year, the opportunity to not only be involved but also to virtually ‘meet’ with other designer-makers and craftspeople is going to be a source of great inspiration to me, there has been a bit too much solo studio time in recent months!

“In troubled times, the beauty of the exceptional handmade object is held in more esteem than ever: we feel sure that our selection of exhibiting artists will have beautiful and striking works to please everyone.”
Director Clare Edwards  (Design Nation UK)

Jacky Puzey Studio

Jacky Puzey Studio

Cocktail Chair

Among the pieces I will exhibit is my signature ‘Dandy Parakeets’ cocktail chair. I love this, not only because of its wonderfully opulent texture and luminescent colours, but also because of the movement and dynamism inherent in the piece. I achieved this by using intricate embroidery and different materials, such as custom, hand dyed feathers, to make the parakeets literally ‘fly out’ of the chair.

The chair is based on a late night London garden with the parakeets flying away as the lights go on and the embroidery I have used to embellish it is reminiscent of some couture fashion pieces I have created in the past.

I really wanted to combine velvet, embroidery, feathers and fabrics in a statement piece to blur the line between furniture and art and the result is this wildly flamboyant yet elegantly understated chair.

Check out a blog post featuring the Chair and other contemporary embroidery pieces that Jacky exhibited at


Dandy Parakeets Cocktail Chair

Dandy Parakeets Cocktail Chair


I will also be showing various other pieces of artwork from my limited edition Collections, including my Hare Screen and Parakeet Screen. These show my expression of the collision of cultures, wildlife and urban landscapes using unique, custom-made fabrics and intricate embroidery and embellishment. I set this all against a backdrop of bespoke textiles and furnishings to create my signature style.

My recent artworks all feature a theme of migration and exchange: migrating creatures, from escaped parakeets to foxes and hares, are shown within their new urban environment to create a beautiful meditation on`wild´ cities and diverse urban cultures.

A private glimpse behind the scenes of a luxury designer-maker. Creating the bespoke ‘Hare Screen’ artwork to be shown as part of Design Nation, for Collect Art Fair 2021.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Collect 2021 virtual art fair, as this year it seems especially important that we all embrace and celebrate our creativity and unique perspective, whether in art or any other field.



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