Embroidered Koi Wallpaper

This lovely bespoke embroidered wallpaper continues a broad theme of urban landscape. Graffiti’d walls, watery depths and urban reflections create a shimmering world in which embroidered and printed Koi carp float, amid embroidered watery waves, their scales and bodies shining from appliquéd layers of voile and acetate fabrics.

The Koi wallpaper is part of my current series of interior screens and wallhangings, inspired by urban wildlife and historical allegorical paintings and scenic wallpapers. This Koi wallpaper is an urban chinoiserie, inspired by historical tattoos, urban landscapes and Japanese Koi. In Japan, the Koi are kept both for ornamentation, and, in traditional Japanese towns, as functional urban helpers, living in the waterways under the houses and temples, and keeping the water clean. They are hugely popular as tattoo motifs too, where they symbolise endeavour, perseverance and overcoming troubles. Koi feature regularly on the Hanten firemen’s jackets, used in Japan in the Meiji and early Taisho periods, as protective motifs; the Hanten jackets are gorgeous padded and embellished jackets that were soaked with water to keep the firemen safe as they put out the fires in the predominantly wooden built cities of the times. Inspiration for my designs comes both from historical research and contemporary diverse urban cultures, and the ongoing relationships between urban and wild environments.

All pieces from this collection are for sale. The Embroidered Koi wallpaper is currently a prototype, and can be sold as an embroidered printed single drop of wallpaper 2mx58cm, mounted on aluminium, as shown. I am in development to produce this as larger pieces.  Please feel free to contact me for questions, prices and shipping arrangements.