Embroidered Peacock Wallpaper

Embroidered Silk Peacock wallpaper

The Peacocks wallpaper is inspired by traditional Chinoiserie motifs and historical scenic wallpapers, with a contemporary urban twist. These Peacocks peer proudly off a graffiti-d and shadowed concrete urban wall as a background, the peonies have been hand-drawn across the wall, and then re-embroidered using laser cut petals to give depth and detail. The leaves are fading to Autumn and casting shadows on the wall behind. The Peacocks all have gorgeous silk organza and voile laser cut tails, their feathered necks carrying tattoo and henna tattoo patterns. The mixing of contemporary tattoo and urban patterns with traditional decorative Peacock Chinoiserie motifs give a silk wallpaper that is both edgy and luxurious, as well as providing a beautiful meditation on long histories of cultural exchange and inspiration through pattern and design. As well as the intricate contemporary wallpapers by studios such as Allyson McDermott, Fromental and Watts of Westminster that continue themes and traditions of the Chinoiserie design, I’m also inspired by the continuation of a kind of Chinoiserie popular cultural art in the tattoo world too as Koi and Peacocks all feature heavily in tattoo imagery.


(“Chinoiserie, from ‘chinois’ the French for Chinese, was a style inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries. In the 18th century porcelain, silk and lacquerware imported from China and Japan were extremely fashionable. This led many British designers and craftsmen to imitate Asian designs and to create their own fanciful versions of the East. The style was at its height from 1750 to 1765.”

http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/s/style-guide-chinoiserie/ )

This wallpaper is produced to commission depending on dimensions specified by client, on drops of slub silk wallpaper 52cm wide by desired length. The printed design is on a horizontal repeat approximately 2.2m long but can be adapted to commissioned space. Please contact me for further information and pricing.