Embroidery for Electrics: Annie Lywood

I developed these embroideries for Annie Lywood’s E-Textiles MA project, and her brand Bonnie Binary. We wanted to make fun, tactile interfaces for easily controllable electronic devices, for example soft buttons that can be pushed, sensors that can be stroked, badges that light up, cushions that control mood lighting, and toys that can respond to touch, sound and light (or being dropped on the floor!). We also created the ‘Valkryie’ jacket that lights a young woman on her way home; creating a sense of power through wearable technologies.

Embroidery Jacky Puzey, embroidery design Jacky Puzey and Annie Lywood, electronics and concept Annie Lywood, toys and cushions made by Nikki Tidy, jacket pattern cutting Sarah Whinyates.


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