The Koi collection

Inspired by Japanese Koi, urban landscapes and historic imagery, this dramatically vibrant Koi collection is available in a luxurious range of furniture, screens, hangings and wallpaper.

Jacky’s drawings and imagery reflect the importance of Koi in Japanese culture as a powerful symbol for strength, endeavour and perseverance. Used extensively in Japan as ornamentation – and as a water purifier- Koi fish regularly feature on the padded and embellished Hanten firemen’s jackets in the Meiji and early Taisho periods.

From initial research drawings Jacky combines images of graffiti’d walls, watery depths and urban reflections to create a shimmering world in which embroidered and printed Koi carp float amid embroidered waves; their scales and bodies shine from appliquéd layers of voile and acetate fabrics.

Koi Footstools

These gorgeous bespoke embroidered velvet footstools have been inspired by lily pads in Koi ponds. Their unique shape and deep rich colours make an enchanting addition to your home – or cocktail bar.

Of varying heights, the Koi Lilypad Footstools are designed as a set.

These statement piece is available exclusively through London Connoisseur. Please visit Jacky’s page on the London Connoisseur website to enquire about purchasing this gorgeous limited edition Koi Footstools.

Koi Wallpaper

This beautiful embroidered wallpaper can be ordered as decorative panels or as wallpaper. Using the highest quality print technology to create rich and vibrant colour this superb textile paper will light up your room. The ‘tableaux scenic’ design creates a lovely flow across walls and panels.  Please visit the shop pages to view full details and specifications of this spectacular silk embroidered wallpaper. 

Koi Bespoke

Jacky is happy to discuss your requirements should you wish to order bespoke pieces from this range; for example you may wish to have your cushions backed in a specific velvet colour to go with a particular scheme, or create a single statement footstool.

Koi Cushions

These rich Koi velvet cushions will make a gorgeous luxurious addition to your home. Created from digitally printed medium pile velvet, contrast satin and velvet piping and embroidered orange and blue Koi, they measure 50cm x 50cm.

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