The Parakeets Cocktail chair is a sumptuous statement chair, of printed velvet and intricate embroidery on a bespoke frame developed from original vintage models. It’s part of my embroidered Interiors collection which features richly embroidered chairs, a series of embroidered interior artworks and screens for wall and floor, and embroidered fabric wallpapers. I am inspired by the symbiosis of wildlife and urban environments, from the London Parakeets to the Koi that travel round the waterways of many Japanese cities, to the urban squirrels that scamper through our parks. Migrating creatures, from the Parakeets to foxes and hares, from Koi to squirrels, are shown within their new urban landscapes to create a beautiful meditation on ‘wild’ cities and diverse urban cultures.

In the Parakeets series,  lime green Parakeets embroidered with real feathers, fly through the clematis, back lit at night, mingling with the local starlings across the richly embroidered fabric. The embroideries bring alive shifting cultural allegiances to create complex contemporary embellished narratives of urban migration and landscape. The pieces are inspired by both the detail and depth of 19th century landscape painting, and the desire to reflect 21st century urban landscapes.

This gorgeous Chair was produced in collaboration with Leigh-Anne Treadwell, founder of Bristol Upholstery Collective and AMUSF expert tutor and upholsterer. It is hand-sprung to ensure a perfect shape, and created using traditional upholstery skills in the UK.

It was debuted at Decorex 2017 to great acclaim, and most recently it has been featured in a beautiful article ‘Adorned to be Wild’  in the Financial Times ‘How to Spend It’ Magazine on May 4 2019.

Materials: digitally printed shimmer velvet, embroidery threads including viscose and ceramic polyester, custom dyed feathers. Traditional upholstery materials, wooden frame constructed to our design by our skilled UK craftsmen, and fire-retardant wool inter-liner. The Chair is suitable for residential usage. If you would like to place an order for commercial usage, the frame is already fully specified for commercial usage and the interlinear and upholstery materials used are all naturally fire-retardant. We would however need to ensure that the embroidered velvet fabric is fully treated to the required FR standards for your proposed usage, when the order is placed.

W: 65cm x   D: 60cm x   H: 75cm high

This statement Chair is available exclusively via my agent, The London Connoisseur. To view this gorgeous Chair on their website (if you do not already have an account you may need to create one)  please visit:

The London Connoisseur

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