Parakeets Cocktail Chairs


The Parakeets Cocktail chair is a sumptuous statement chair, of printed velvet and intricate embroidery on a bespoke frame developed from original vintage models. It’s part of my current interiors collection features richly embroidered chairs, a series of vibrant interior screens for wall and floor, and embroidered wallpapers. Migrating creatures, from escaped parakeets to foxes and hares, are shown within their new urban landscapes to create a beautiful meditation on ‘wild’ cities and diverse urban cultures. The hare drinks from a forgotten corner of the pond in the park, camping out in semi-public space. Parakeets mingle with the local starlings across an embroidered printed fabric screen. The embroideries bring alive shifting cultural allegiances to create complex contemporary embellished narratives of urban migration and landscape. The pieces are inspired by both the detail and depth of 19th century landscape painting, and the desire to reflect 21st century urban landscapes.

This gorgeous Chair was produced in collaboration with Leigh-Anne Treadwell, founder of Bristol Upholstery Collective and pioneering social entrepreneur, and Simion Hawtin-Smith of Reloved Upholstery, vintage chair expert and developer of the signature Reloved Cocktail Chair frame used here, to bring you a gorgeous statement chair. The theme of Decorex for their 40th anniversary is collaboration across ideas and skills, and we have pooled our expertise to turn the Reloved Cocktail Chair into a riot of embroidered Parakeets and richly printed velvet, combining traditional upholstery with cutting edge digital production technologies and artisan design skills to create a gorgeous embroidered statement chair.

Materials: digitally printed shimmer velvet, embroidery threads including viscose and ceramic polyester, custom dyed feathers. Traditional upholstery materials, wooden frame and fire-retardant wool inter-liner.


W: 65cm x   D: 60cm x   H: 75cm high

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Further information about the show at Decorex with Design Nation can be found in the news section of my website