Welcome to the Jacky Puzey Studio blog. We are very excited to have this space where the discussion of contemporary design and industry trends can merge with personal anecdotes and sneak peeks behind-the-scenes, to provide an insightful and private glimpse into the life of a luxury designer maker.

Jacky’s work presents a perfect juxtaposition of riotous colour and elegance. She takes us on a journey through a delightfully vivid natural world, where dandy parakeets and exotic peacocks literally leap to life trailing blazing plumage, chattering squirrels gaze inquisitively and many-hued koi carp float majestically across undulating velvety waters. Her love of all textiles, from velvet, to organza, fur and feathers, means that her work covers a wide range of mediums, from haute couture to exquisite, one-of-a-kind wallpapers, all of which show her unique and exciting approach to colour and form.


Her eye for detail and technological skill has resulted in a unique fusion of ancient artisan methods and digital, 3D sewing techniques which allow her hand drawn images to take flight across a whole range of beautifully crafted, bespoke interior collections.
“I am inspired by the the collision of cultures and also the glorious synergy and colour of the natural world, which presents so many opportunities for light and contrast when applied to textiles.”

A regular at Design shows such as Decorex and London Craft Week, Jacky has received numerous accolades as an innovative designer maker and is excited to share her vision, inspirations and industry knowledge on this blog.

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Jacky Puzey

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